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One Person Makes A Difference!

Roxanne Kremer, Executive Director, Founder & Naturalist, has devoted her life in helping animals and indigenous natives to protect their natural habitat.

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“We are all interconnected as if one beating cell. Kill a part of that cell and the whole cell eventually dies.”

The Challenge Peace Award to Roxanne Kremer by Randall Johnson
Excerpted from CHALLENGE Magazine, Autumn 1990

Roxanne and dolphin friend Beatrice communicate and share love

At this time, in this world, there are certain individuals who are creating the conditions for peace. Leaders or followers they may be, powerful and charismatic or gentle and retiring they may be. The common factor among these very special people is their inner light, their love for mankind and a benevolent manner of communicating these qualities.

How far can one person go to protect a species from extinction? This was the question and challenge that confronted Roxanne Kremer in 1982 when she learned that the charismatic pink dolphins of the Amazon River basin were being brutally slaughtered because of human avarice and superstitious beliefs.

Roxanne with a capybara, a 40 pond Amazon “poodle”.

Recalling the night she spent at a Peruvian jungle camp on the Yarapa River (at which time the dolphins claimed her in spirit), she responded to their urgent call to action by dedicating her time, energies and resources to ensuring the survival of this little-known group of cetaceans by alerting the world to their cry.

As Roxanne became familiar with the plight of these extraordinary animals, she switched from a role of behaviorist and naturalist to that of a champion and crusader. “If I didn’t do something to protect these animals,” she said, “there would be nothing left to study!” At that moment, a vision took shape and a saga of bravery, courage and determination began to unfold which continues to this day.

Roxanne with Chief Raune of the Kayapo Indians of Brazil

Having spent most of her adult life trying to protect the dignity of animals and indigenous peoples, Roxanne began to speak to anyone who would listen to her about the imminent destruction of the world’s largest rainforest. At first, most people dismissed her impassioned pleas as someone else’s problem, something that was happening on another continent. However, when she began to mention pink dolphins in connection with the Amazon River’s ecosystem, she attracted larger, more attentive audiences.

1986 proved to be a pivotal year for Roxanne. She established the Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin (PARD) as the first project of ISTPR and completed a 12-minute trailer film of an educational documentary on the plight of the river dolphins, the rainforest and native Indian tribes.

Each year brought about new achievements as Roxanne worked at various governmental and local levels in Peru and Brazil, building trust and confidence by keeping promises. By demonstrating to the local people that their resources were more economically important alive than dead, pride was given back to the people at the village level (where it really makes a difference) and the animals and their habitats were protected.

Roxanne feeding pink dolphin vitamins before being released back to their natural habitat.

Roxanne has become an instrument operating at another level of consciousness. In many situations, her words and actions flow spontaneously as if from a higher source. Whether she is nursing a dying ocelot cub back to health, placing a poacher under citizen’s arrest or scratching the tongue of a frightened dolphin during a rescue operation, her “true grit” conviction and “unconditional love” shines forth like a beacon, lighting the way for others to follow.

Throughout her life, Roxanne Kremer has been living proof that one person can make a difference. One of the most important challenges now facing humanity is the development of environmentally responsible programs for our common ecological heritage. Toward this cud, she is truly a pioneer who deserves all the praise and laurels she has gathered.

Roxanne Kremer is a person of unlimited strength and courage, and incredible person born with a cause.

WorldWIDE Network 1997 Directory of Women in Environment

International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforests (ISPTR) Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin (PARD)

Education:  BS Zoology, Extensive Research on Dolphins, Gorillasz

Language Usage: English

Will Serve As: Consultant, Speaker, Project Coordinator, Grassroots Activity, Communications

Type of Activity: Communication, Commun. Development, Education/Training, Government, Grassroots Activity, Litigation, Planning/Fundraising, Political Action

Area of Activity: National (Peru, Brazil), Regional

Subject of: Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Environmental Economics, Environmental Education, Environmental Technology, Environment and Health/Population, Forestry

Activity/Expertise: Water Resources, Natural Resource Management, Reclamation, Pesticides, Sanitation, Soil Management, Waste Management, Wildlife/Endangered Species, Women

“Peruvian authorities honored Mrs. Roxanne Kremer, Executive Director and founder of the International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest. She was awarded the Medal of Honor from the Peruvian Navy, Army, Airforce and Pro-Marina Association.”

Alejandro Ugarte, Deputy Consul General of Peru, Los Angeles

“The Smithsonian Institution recognizes the works and activities of the International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest and the Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin. We are working on a joint project in South America. Roxanne Kremer, Executive Director and founder is a field liasion with the Marine Systems Laboratory of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. USA.”

Tomothy R. Goertemiller, Marine Biologist, Smithsonian Institution, Marine Systems Laboratory

“I personally support the conservation and education effort of the organization known as Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin (PARD), Roxanne Kremer, Director. It is only through the cooperative efforts between organizations such as P.A.R.D. and government agencies that meaningful and lasting conservation will be achieved. Any consideration that can be given Ms. Kremer that will enable her to fulfill her conservation and public education goals will be greatly appreciated by me.”

Saul L. Kitchener, Director, San Francisco Zoological Gardens

“I am happy to acknowledge the role that Roxanne Kremer is playing in the International conservation arena. Roxanne has worked with me here at Lincoln Park Zoo for many years and is very dedicated to the field of captive animal management. She has taken a leadership role in the preservation of freshwater dolphins in South America. Roxanne has generously given of her time and financial resources to assist in conservation work that she has now been involved with for many years. I commend her for any related conservation work that she may assume in the future.”

Lester E. Fisher, D.V.M., Director, Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens, Chicago, Illinois USA

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