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Dear Students, Professors, and Educators

As Executive Director and Founder of The International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest (ISPTR) and our first globally recognized project, Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin (PARD), I would like the thank you for your interest in our work. I also invite you to join us in the important work that needs to be done in many fields, such as environmental studies, forestry, biology, veterinarian studies, anthropology, ethnobotany, psychology, and many more.

ISPTR was founded in 1986 in response to growing concerns of the effects of deforestation, natural habitat destruction, and the loss of countless species of flora and fauna as well as the indigenous peoples to unnatural extinction. One of the many goals of ISPTR is to stop the rapid losses that the Earth is undergoing. We believe that awareness through education is a critical event if we are to protect endangered species.

“Dolphin Corners” is our lodge located on 346 acres of lush rainforest on the Yarapa River, one of the first tributaries off of the mighty Amazon River in Peru. Farther down the Yarapa River is a 3,705-acre private reserve. We welcome all groups and encourage non- invasive research by both students and student/faculty groups. (Note: While we do not run a formal field study program as such, we do have hands-on programs that students may obtain credit for through their schools.) If you are not part of a pre-approved research group, you may participate in research at the lodge as projects arise.

At this time, we are offering the chance to volunteer at our non-invasive research lodge “Dolphin Corners” in many areas including census work with the dolphins, caring for the orphaned animals, reforesting cut areas, and planting and harvesting organic produce, and assisting our nursing staff at the free medical clinic. We encourage students and educators to join our work and/or organize specialized research projects pertaining to the rainforest ecosystem and conservation.

Unfortunately, because of the high cost of food and water supplies and shipping to the camp, we must charge a fee for your stay in Peru under the following conditions:

If your stay at the lodge is less than one (1) month, the cost per day/per person is $85. If your stay at the lodge is more than one (1) month, the cost per day/per person is $65.

Additionally, those who are visiting “Dolphin Corners” based on the student/educator rate are asked to commit 4-6 hours per day working on one of the lodge’s many projects. Individuals in the United States may volunteer their time an energy prior to leaving for Peru.

Sincerely yours,

Roxanne Kremer
Executive Director/Founder

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With your donations you will be “giving us the precious breath of life.” The inhabitants of the Amazon Rainforest thank you!
Lady Roxanne

Amazon Conservationist, ISPTR

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