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We have developed a cooperative among 10 villages as a sustainable means of livelihood for the villagers. Eleven years ago, we set up the cooperative to sell the local artwork here in the U.S. through ISPTR. By providing an alternative and sustainable means of self-support, the project reduces the impact on eco-system; people can now have chicken farms and purchase or grow food rather than killing monkeys for food, destroying the forest by logging, or overfishing the rivers. Now the villagers create pieces of art from local materials in order to provide an economy for their families.

We invite you to join with us, actively participate and be part of the solution. Your support will provide the funds needed to train forest rangers and river patrols, and fund social and educational programs. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated to preserve one of the planet’s most precious natural habitats: “the still pristine and primary forests of the Peruvian Amazon.”

Support Form
(Please print this form and mail it with your payment to the address below)

Please note that adopted animals remain in the rainforest — they do not become private pets.

____ I would like to adopt _____ acre(s) of rainforest at $35 per acre per year and receive a beautifully illustrated and matted full-color certificate. Renewable each year.

____ I would like to contribute to the important work of ISPTR/PARD.

With your donation of…
$10 – feeds Ringo, our (Curvier) tucon for one week.
$15 – buys a pair of boots or a rain poncho for our anti-poaching teams.
$35 – feeds one of our uakari monkeys for a week.
$125 – gives ISPTR funding for oil and gas for river boats patrolling the river for poachers and illegal fishing.
$150 – provides a one-month salary for Ramone, our only animal keeper at the animal orphanage.


Enclosed is my contribution of



____ I would like to become a member of ISPTR-PARD for $35 a year and receive program information and newsletters.

____ I would like to receive trip information about PARD Expeditions, to see the pink dolphins. $3

____ I would like to receive a DVD of rare pink dolphin footage and the tropical rainforest. $30.00

A forty minute Docu-Drama called “Lady Roxanne: Welcome to my Amazon Home, the Tropical Rainforest and It’s Inhabitants”. This was made for European educational television ane was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival.

____ I would like to adopt a dolphin and name it after a loved one or myself. $1,000

____ I would like to receive a published scientific paper by Roxanne Kremer about the Pink Amazon River Dolphin: Inia geoffrensis. $10

____ Hand-woven baskets made with Chambira palm fronds. Some are so tightly woven, they hold water. They range in sizes from 4 inches to 25 inches. Click here to view a hand-woven basket. We also have porcupine quill-rimmed baskets ranging from 4 inches to 14 inches. Baskets rane from $4 to $200 each.

____ Necklaces, from Chambira palm fronds and grass, and seeds from the rainforest. We have simple one-strand necklaces to ornate necklaces with many colored seeds. $5 – $50

____ Amazon hand fans (they really do the job of cooling you down). $8 – $15

____ Belts, hand-woven with Chambira palm fronds, some with seeds. $20 – $30

____ Amazon-time novelty watch (hands do not move, symbolic of the peaceful pace). $8

____ Bracelets made of Chambira palm fronds, some are adorned with seeds and many porcupine quills, delicately interlaced. $8 – $20. Click here to view a handmade bracelet.

____ Individual hand-carved wooden hooks in the shape of dolphin heads. These are perfect for hanging towels, clothes, jewelry, or hats. The wooden hooks are made from balsa wood by a young boy named Luis who has polio. Please help Luis make a living. $15

_____We also have a wood board with hand-carved wood hooks with three dolphin head. These can be used to hang hats, clothes, jackets, or towels. $35

____ Pink River Dolphin Angel, made from balsa wood, perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree. $3.50

____ Pink River Dolphin, made from balsa wood. I sit by myself on your desk or dresser, reminding you everyday of my magic and your contribution of my safety. $15 – 25

____ Pink River Dolphin refrigerator magnet made from balsa wood, the fastest growing tree in the rainforest. Balsa wood is used to protect and avoid depleting hardwood growth. $4.50

____ Woven grass purse with seeds and nuts sewn in to create beautiful patterns. $18 – $25


For certificates, information packages, and videos, add $5 for domestic shipping and handling, $10 outside the USA.
Your donations are tax-deductible. Our non-profit tax 501(C)(3) number is 95-4028364.

Total amount enclosed
Please make check or money order payable to ISPTR.

If you are adopting a dolphin, please tell us what you would like the dolphin named: __________________________________


If you are adopting an acre of rainforest, please enter the name exactly as you would like it to appear on the certificate:

Name: _________________________________ Date: _________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________
State/Province: ________________ Zip/Postal Code: _________________ Telephone: ________________________ Fax: _________________________

Please retain a copy of this form for your tax records.

With your purchase, you are helping to support a native Indian trading post. For more than one decade, ISPTR/PARD has been developing a cooperative on the Yarapa River for the Peruvian Indians. The trading post represents our efforts to preserve the customs and crafts of the indigenous people, while assisting them in making the transition from charity to self-dependency. The Indians of the Peruvian Rainforest Thank You!

Mail this form with payment to ISPTR, 72902 Raymond Way 29 Palms, CA 92277, USA.

With your donations you will be “giving us the precious breath of life.” The inhabitants of the Amazon Rainforest thank you!
Lady Roxanne

Amazon Conservationist, ISPTR

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